If it wasn’t for Harry Potter, I may never have worked in Salesforce

I know strange as it may seem but if it wasn’t for me waking up one morning wanting to appear in a Harry Potter film, I may never have found out about Salesforce. I talk about this on the Salesforce Developer Podcast with the great Josh Birk (@joshbirk) about Salesforce Certification and the Architect Certifications. The Salesforce Developer Podcast is a great podcast for learning more about the Salesforce Developer Community and best practice on the platform.

Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • How Harry Potter brought me into the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Why I went into the training segment of Salesforce.
  • What led to the creation of London’s Calling.
  • The challenges COVID brought for London’s Calling in 2020.
  • Why admins and developers should look into getting the architect certification.
  • How much time you need to get your architect cert.
  • The kind of content Francis has online to help people study for their certifications.
  • What the Salesforce capability map is.

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