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Francis runs the Salesforce Posse Podcast, a podcast where he speaks with Salesforce industry influences so that we can gain a better understanding of how to excel in a career path from a Salesforce Admin or Developer to an Architect.

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What is Salesforce DevOps? Salesforce Posse Podcast

As time passes, organisations that are using Salesforce have become more and more dependent on it. Salesforce DevOps is focused on ensuring administrators and developers can release updates and go through the software development lifecycle as efficiently as possible, with the least defects and user interruption. Jack McCurdy, Salesforce DevOps Advocate at Gearset, features in today's episode of the Salesforce Posse podcast to share his experience as a salesforce advocate. Jack shares knowledge of DevOps throughout the salesforce ecosystem. He has spent the last few years working with businesses to establish DevOps teams and procedures, which are essential for delivering Salesforce installs successfully and fostering both business growth and customer satisfaction. His passion is supporting the creation and maintenance of outstanding cultures that serve as the pillars of DevOps best practices. During today's conversation, we explore what DevOps is, what it provides people, and Jack’s experience working at DevOps. Jack dives into what common problems people want DevOps to find solutions to and how they make it simpler and errorless. Furthermore, he discusses the importance of metrics when measuring success and maturity, and wrapping up the conversation, Jack dives into how communication can solve problems and make a better workplace for employees. [04.44] DevOps – DevOps is a set of practices combined with software development and IT operations. Starting the conversation, Jack dives into what DevOps is and how they help people to identify problems sooner and solve them. [06.10] Problems – Jack dives into the common problems people come to DevOps for solutions. [13.14] Backups – Having backups and the mental health benefits of DevOps. Jack dives into how Dora metrics are used by DevOps. [15.58] Metrics – Jack explains how essential metrics are when measuring success or maturity. [21.33] The phoenix project – A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win by Gene Kim. [22.42] Mindset shift – Role changes can be difficult in the beginning. But, with the right communication, you can change the environment for employees and build a level of maturity in the organization. Resources Contact Jack: Gearset Website The Pheonix Project Book Sponsored by: Find out more at: — Send in a voice message:
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