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Francis runs the Salesforce Posse Podcast, a podcast for those wanting to learn more about architecting solutions on the Salesforce platform.

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Ines Garcia Salesforce Agility & Sustainability Salesforce Posse Podcast

This episode's guest 'Ines Garcia' has literally written the book on how to run successful Agile projects in Salesforce and has an incredible way of looking at the world, she's an Agile Coach, a Salesforce MVP and is helping organisations build in a sustainable way. So they can have a positive and better impact on the well being of communities and the planet we live in.At the Salesforce Posse podcast, we interview influencers in the Salesforce ecosystem so that we can gain a better understanding of how to excel in everything from LinkedIn Amazon Book 'Sustainable Happy Profit' Amazon Book 'Becoming more Agile whilst delivering Salesforce'  Sponsored by Salesforce Training00:00 Introduction 01:45 Why Agile? 03:14 Why did Agile come about 04:10 What are the mistakes Agile teams make? 06:00 The flows in the system. Leaving 06:46 Ines Garcia's Origin 08:30 How do we make time more engaging and satisfying 09:00 Scrum master certification 11:20 Ines Garcia's Books: Becoming more Agile & Sustainable Happy Profit 17:15 Where should Sustainability start? At movement, company or individual level? 19:00 How do we design things to align with nature 21:30 The Purpose Economy 23:00 How to Contact Ines 23:50 Sustainable Cook Book
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