Ultimate Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Breakdown Guide

Salesforce has recently changed the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Guide. They have refreshed the Admin Certification exam syllabus making it more relevant to Salesforce Administrators working in today’s companies.

This guide takes the Salesforce Exam Guide and expands on it to include useful links on how where to get content so you can be as successful as you can in the exam as well as videos that give you the details on each of the sections of the exam guide.

To keep the tables simple I have included links to online videos as well as Salesforce Documentation, so if you are following our Salesforce Certified Administrator course you have the choice of either watching the video or referring to the reference material.

Configuration and Setup (20%)

Describe the information found in the company settings (for example: company settings fiscal year, business hours, currency management, default settings). 

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Fiscal YearsCompany ProfileDefine Your Fiscal Year
Business HoursCompany ProfileSetting Business Hours
Currency ManagementCompany ProfileManaging Multiple Currencies
Default SettingsCompany Profile
Company ProfileCompany ProfileManage Information About your Company
Data Protection and PrivacyCompany ProfileEnabling the Individual Object & Creating a record
Store Customers’ Data Privacy Preferences
HolidaysCompany ProfileSetting up Support Holidays
Language SettingsCompany ProfileLanguage Settings Overview
Supported Languages
Manage your Translations
Sandbox Best Practice
When to use a Sandbox

Distinguish and understand the administration of declarative configuration of the User Interface. (for example: UI settings, app menu, list views, global actions, Lightning App Builder).

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
UI SettingsNavigating the Salesforce User Interface
User Navigation Bar Customization
UI Customization for Admins
CRM for Lightning Experience
App MenuCreating an App & Personalizing Salesforce
List ViewsList ViewsWorking with List Views in Lightning Experience
Create or Clone List Views
Summer ’20 Release Notes on Split View
Global ActionsGlobal ActionsGlobal Quick Actions
Trailhead: Create Global Quick Actions for Mobile
Lightning App BuilderMy First App SectionLightning App Builder
Trailhead: Lightning App Builder
Branding & Theming SalesforceSalesforce Themes and BrandingBrand Your Org in Lightning Experience
Density SettingsDensity SettingsPersonalize Lightning Experience Display
User App Navigation Bar CustomizationUser Navigation Bar Customization

Given a scenario, demonstrate the proper setup and maintenance of users.

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Create/Edit Users (Assigning correct Profiles, Permission Sets & Feature Licenses)User ManagementManage Users
Edit UsersUser ManagementConsiderations for Editing users
Disable UsersUser ManagementDelete/Disable Users
Freeze UsersUser ManagementFreeze or Unfreeze User Accounts
User Login HistoryUser ManagementConsiderations for User Login Forensics
Unlocking UsersUser ManagementUnlock users
Resetting user passwordsUser ManagementReset User Password

Explain the various organization Security Controls. (for example: Setup Audit Trail, Login Hours, Session Settings)

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Setup Audit TrailSetup Audit TrailAudit Trail
Changes tracked using Audit Trail
Login HoursUser Profiles & PermissionsView and Edit Login Hours
Session SettingsOrganizational Security SettingsModify Session Security Settings
Sharing SettingsSalesforce Security Overview
Sharing Rules
Sharing Settings

Given a user request scenario, apply the appropriate security controls based on the features and capabilities of the Salesforce sharing model. (for example: public groups, org wide default, sharing: roles, subordinates, hierarchy, report and dashboard folders)

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Public GroupsSharing RulesWhat is a Group?
Create and Edit Groups
Public Group Considerations
Org-wide DefaultsOrganizational Wide DefaultsOrganizational-Wide Sharing Defaults
Sharing Rules: Roles, Subordinates, HierarchyRole Hierarchies
Sharing Rules
Controlling Access using Hierarchies
Report & Dashboard FoldersReport & Dashboard Security
Lightning vs Classic Feature Compatibility
Reports & Dashboard Folders

Object Manager and Lightning App Builder (20%)

Describe the standard object architecture and relationship model. (for example: standard object, parent/child, master detail/lookup/junction relationships, and record types.)

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Standard ObjectsUnderstanding the Standard Object ModelTrailhead: Understand Custom & Standard Objects
Full list of Standard Object (FYI you don’t need to know them all!)
Object Relationships
Parent/Child, Master-Detail/lookup/junction relationships
Object Relationships
Creating Object Relationships
Object Relationships Overview
Considerations for Relationships
Relationships among objects
Unable to create Master-Detail Relationships
Record TypesRecord Types Part 1
Record Types Part 2
Common Record Type Issues
Tailor Business Processes to Different Users Using Record Types
Page Layouts Page Layout CustomisationsPage Layouts
Custom ObjectsCreating Objects & TabsManage Custom Objects
Implications when deleting fieldsStandard Fields & Deleting FieldsDeleting Custom Fields & Implications

Explain how to create, delete, and customize fields and page layouts on standard and custom objects, and know the implications of deleting fields. 

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Create, Delete Custom FieldsCreating Fields
Field Dependencies
Creating Object Relationships
Deleting Fields
Create Custom Fields
Notes on Changing Custom Field Types
Delete Custom Fields
Page LayoutsPage LayoutsPage Layouts
Implications when deleting fieldsDeleting Fields & ImplicationsPurge Deleted Custom Fields

Given a scenario, determine how to create and assign page layouts, record types and business processes for custom and standard objects. 

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Page Layouts & AssignmentPage Layout CustomizationPage Layouts
Assign Page layouts to Profiles or Record Types
Record TypesRecord Types Part 1
Record Types Part 2
Common Record Type Issues
Tailor Business Processes to Different Users Using Record Types
Business Processes (Lead, Opportunity & Case)Opportunity & Sales Process OverviewCreate multiple business processes

Sales and Marketing Applications (12%)

Given a scenario, identify the capabilities and implications of the sales process. (for example: sales process, opportunity, path, and forecast impact.)

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Sales ProcessesSales Overview
Campaign Management
Web to Lead
Auto-Response Rules
Lead Conversion
Assignment Rules
Create multiple business processes
PathSalesforce PathGuide users with Path
Forecast ImpactSales Forecast ImpactCollaborative Forecasts
View and Update Opportunity-Stage-to-Forecast-Category Mappings
Considerations for Managing Territory Forecasts
Products & Price booksOpportunity Overview
Products & Price Books
Products & Price books

Given a scenario, apply the appropriate sales productivity features using opportunity tools. (for example: dashboards, lead scoring, Einstein opportunity scoring, and home page assistant.)

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Sales Productivity Features & ToolsSales Productivity Tools & FeaturesSales Productivity
Report & Dashboard Security
Lead ScoringLead Scoring
Einstein Opportunity ScoringEinstein Opportunity and Lead ScoringEinstein Lead Scoring
Einstein Opportunity Scoring
Home Page AssistantNavigating the Salesforce User InterfaceNavigating Salesforce
ReportsTabular Reports
Summary Reports
Matrix Reports
Report & Chart Formatting
Bucket Fields
Report Types
Report Type Layouts
Choose a Report Format
Tabular Reports
Summarize Report Data
Matrix Reports
Customize data with Bucket Columns
Report Types
Opportunity TeamsSales Overview
** Team Access **
Collaborate on Deals by using Opportunity Teams
Add Teams to your Accounts
Setup Default Account Team

Describe the capabilities of lead automation tools and campaign management. (for example: leads, lead convert, lead assignment rules, campaign and campaign members.) 

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
LeadsSales OverviewWhat is a Lead?
Leads FAQ
Lead ConversionLead ConversionWhat happens when you convert a lead?
Lead Assignment RulesLead Assignment RulesAssignment Rules
Campaigns & Campaign MembersCampaign ManagementCampaigns

Service and Support Applications (11%)

Describe the capabilities of case management. (for example: case, case assignment rules, and queues.)

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
CasesThe Case Object
Support Processes
Case Management
Case Assignment RulesAssignment RulesCase Assignment Rules
QueuesRecord Ownership
Case Escalation Rules (Example of setting up a Queue)
Setup Queues
Auto-Response RulesAuto-Response RulesAuto-Response Rules
Escalation RulesCase Escalation RulesEscalation Rules
Case TeamsWhat’s a Case Team?
Set up case teams

Given a scenario, identify how to automate case management. (for example: support process, case auto-response rules, and case escalation.)

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Support ProcessesSupport ProcessesMonitor Support Processes
Entitlement Processes
Case Auto-Response RulesAuto-Response RulesSet Up Auto Response Rules
Case Escalation RulesCase Escalation RulesSetup Escalation Rules
Web-to-CaseWeb to CaseSet Up Web-to-Case
Email-to-CaseEmail to CaseSet Up Email-to-Case

Productivity and Collaboration (7%)

Describe the capabilities of activity management.

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
EventsActivity ManagementEvents & Calendars
TasksActivity ManagementSalesforce Tasks
Accessing Tasks & Events List Views
Public CalendarsCreate and Manage a Public Calendar or a Resource Calendar
Multi-day eventsCustomization Options for Events and Calendars

Describe the features of Chatter.

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Chatter FeedNavigating the Salesforce User InterfaceChatter Feeds Overview
Chatter GroupsNavigating the Salesforce User InterfaceCollaborate in Chatter Groups
Chatter Groups access controlsNavigating the Salesforce User InterfaceUnlisted Groups
Broadcast Groups
Join or Leave Groups
Create & Manage Chatter Groups
Chatter ProfileNavigating the Salesforce User InterfaceChatter Profile Overview
FollowingNavigating the Salesforce User Interface
Chatter & Dashboards

Describe the capabilities of Salesforce Mobile App.

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Salesforce Mobile AppSalesforce App
Global ActionsGlobal ActionsGlobal Quick Actions
Record ActionsRecord Actions
Quick Actions
TodayToday Components
Mobile HomeSalesforce1Spring 21 Release Notes: Mobile Home

Identify use cases for AppExchange applications.

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Types of AppExchange SolutionsAppExchangeApps
Bolt Solutions
Flow Solutions
Lightning Data
Installing an AppAppExchangeRequirements for the Salesforce Mobile App
Scenarios for using an AppAppExchange

Data and Analytics Management (14%)

Describe the considerations when importing, updating, transferring, mass deleting, exporting and backing up data.

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Importing DataMethods for Importing & Exporting Data
Data Loader
Dataloader.io by Mulesoft
Import Wizard
Considerations when Importing Data
Importing Data into Salesforce
Notes on Importing Data
Updating DataData Loader
Dataloader.io by Mulesoft
Import Wizard
Insert, Update or Delete Data using Data Loader
Mass update records in Salesforce
Transferring Record OwnershipMass Action FunctionsMass Transfer Records
Mass DeletingData LoaderPerform Mass Deletes
Exporting DataData Loader
Dataloader.io by Mulesoft
Insert, Update or Delete Data using Data Loader
Backing up dataBacking up Salesforce dataBacking up data in Salesforce
Data QualityData Management Best PracticeData Management Best Practice
Duplicate RecordsImport WizardData Import Wizard
Field MappingData LoaderDefine Data Loader Field Mapping
External IDsSalesforce IDs and Record IDsExternal ID vs Unique ID
Maximum number of External ID’s per object

Workflow/Process Automation (16%)

Given a scenario, identify the appropriate automation solution based on the capabilities of the tool.

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
WorkflowWhich Process tool to use?
Workflow Rules & Actions
Process BuilderProcess Builder Overview
Creating a Process Builder Process
Process Builder Actions
Process Builder in Practice
Process Builder
FlowWhich Process tool to use?
Flow Types
Flow Building Blocks
Picking the appropriate automation toolWhich Process tool to use?Which Process Automation Tool Do I Use?
Order of Execution for ProcessesExecution OrderOrder of Execution of Processes

Describe capabilities and use cases for Flow.

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
FlowWhich Process tool to use?Flows

Describe capabilities and use cases for the approval process.

Topic AreaRelated VideosDocumentation
Approval ProcessesApproval ProcessesApprovals

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  1. I LOVE this blog article. It does however seem like there are some knowledge fields missing as per the Exam Guide for Data and Analytics Management (14%). The only one covered in the article is “Describe the considerations when importing, updating, transferring, mass deleting, exporting and backing up data”.