London’s Calling 2021

Salesforce experts from across the globe come together to learn from each other at London's Calling and in 2021 we had nearly 60 sessions on everything from Salesforce Marketing, Administration, Development, Architecture and Analytics. 

Francis runs a yearly event called London’s Calling is the largest Salesforce Community event in the world where he brings experts from across the globe to talk and share their experiences of Salesforce using real-world scenarios.

With nearly 60 sessions from the event from industry experts there is a lot of great content here! Here is a breakdown of some of the sessions:

  • General Sessions; Including: How to get certified, The steps to take on your Salesforce journey and how people hire Salesforce talent.
  • Salesforce Administration; Including: The horrors of Salesforce orgs, Security deep dives & formula hacks for the everyday Admin.
  • Salesforce Marketing; Including: Pardot and Marketing Cloud sessions, how create effective email campaigns, learning from over 100 pardot orgs and marketing testing best practices.
  • Salesforce Analytics; AI & Tableau CRM Dashboard sessions.
  • Salesforce Development; Including: Org Dependant packages, styling LWC the right way, Apex Code performance tuning, PK chunking, Lightning message service
  • Salesforce Architecture; Including: Key artefacts every architect should have, managing large data volumes, Salesforce architecture 101

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