Recording your Salesforce Story

What to Expect!

Thanks so much for agreeing to share your story! Don’t worry this is painless. The aim of this is to tell your story. What you did before Salesforce?, how you got certified and what you are doing now. What was your path along the way? What advice would you have given yourself starting out in the Salesforce world if you could turn back the clock?

The aim of this is to have fun! So no pressure!! If you don’t like it we can re-do it. The following is some tips and details on how we can make it a success:


How we are going to record the story:

We use for the recording your success story. Don’t worry it’s very similar to Zoom and other webinar tools out there but the difference is everything is recorded locally on your computer or mobile device and uploaded to me. This means the quality is a lot better than using a traditional Webinar tool.

Chrome on Desktop/Laptop or Mobile App

One limitation with this is it ONLY works with Google Chrome Browser on a laptop/desktop (IE not on a mobile) or using their iOS mobile app. So please make sure you have either of these before our call.

What to get prepared

Try not to use Speakers - Use Headphones

Using speakers while recording — built-in or external — will be picked up by the microphone and interfere with what you say during the recording. We can try to use noise suppression to block the noise but it’s not ideal. Ideally, wired headphones are best.

Check Internet Stability

Ethernet cable is preferred over WiFI. You can check your internet speed here

Don't use Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones can have unreliable moments of quality, so please only use wired headphones or earbuds.

Make sure that the volume in your headphones isn’t so loud that it is picked up by the microphone as well — this causes the same issue as not wearing headphones.

We’ll do a sound check before we start

What to do with your phone

Ideally, your phone should be in aeroplane mode and far away from the microphone. However, if this isn’t possible, keep the phone on silent and as far away from the microphone as you can — on the floor is a great place (on a soft surface in case it vibrates).

Cell phones can cause electrical interference (even if they’re just sitting there with a dark screen), so we want to be sure your track is free from any snaps, crackles, and pops.

Moving around and making a noise

During the recording, it’s a good practice to stay as still as possible so as little noise as possible goes through to the recording. Obviously, people aren’t mannequins, so just try to keep rustling to a minimum.

Other things like drinking water are fine as well, as long as noises are also kept to a minimum.

However, please refrain from things like typing, going through papers, tapping on the table, etc.

Don't Panic!

don't panic

This is fun! We promise. And each story goes through a decent amount of editing. During the story, feel free to pause and ask to start an answer over again or ask for more detail with a question.

The Small Print...

Please review the Headshot and Release Form. It basically releases the headshot above to us for use your image, video etc.