What is the difference between a Record Based CRM and Process Driven CRM?

  • What is the difference between a Record Based CRM and Process Driven CRM?

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    February 3, 2021 at 4:33 pm

    I talk about Record Based CRM and Process Driven CRMs in the Salesforce 101 course. But what really is the difference?

    Record Based CRMs

    So Salesforce is a record based CRM. This is because essentially its a collection of records and users use the system by finding records and either updating or creating more records. Now this gives a lot of flexibility on how you use the system but puts more emphasis on the users knowing the correct process or correct way of using the CRM. So training of users becomes more important as its harder for them to understand what to do.

    Process-Based CRMs

    Users using process CRMs are used generally in call centers or companies where process is very important or where you potentially have a high turn over of staff (like call centres). In the process CRMs the process is the heart of the CRM. In the call centre context say a customer calls into the company. The call centre rep picks up the call, the call centre rep then just has say 2 options: Enquire & Support. The customer then wants to pay an outstanding bill on their account, so the rep clicks enquire and the next screen gives key information about the customers account but based on the information the CRM has on the customer the CRM priorities the information and changes the screen. So the CRM knows there is an outstanding balance on the account and one of the options that is highlighted is to pay the balance.

    If the rep clicked support then the CRM may go down a very scripted route of trying to solve the issue the customer has, again using data from the CRM on the customer and a knowledge base of information.

    Now the downsides on a process-based CRM is that there is a lot of work to setup the tool initially and potentially quite a bit of work to tweak and optimise it, but if you have a 50,000 user call centre, customer time on the phone is the most expensive thing. Trying to reduce this time and deflect the customer away from a human doing the work is the priority.

    Process-based CRMs are also usually very easy to pick up and start using because you are being told what to say to the customer and/or the system is intuitive enough to understand by someone very quickly.

    Salesforce and Processes

    Salesforce has made strides in moving towards bring process into Salesforce like the Flow. But to get to the same level of process you still would need to do quite a bit of work in Salesforce to get it to the same level as a pure process-driven CRM.

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